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Ready Crete supplies ready mixed concrete for delivery in Hull and surrounding areas. Your local supplier for concrete footings, garage bases, floor slabs, driveways and much more.

It's a concrete fact: Mixing onsite is the only way to avoid waste. Our

Volumetric Mixer has separate compartments on the truck for each raw material.

Our Volumetric Mixer can precisely measure out sand, stone, cement and water, and mix these raw materials on site to provide a continuous flow of freshly mixed - perfectly proportioned concrete. No getting stuck in traffic whilst the mix hardens in the barrel, no return trips back to the batch plant for extra mix, no wastage. All of the concrete that you need, none you don't!

Ready Crete LTD produces on-site, ready mixed concrete using a mobile concrete plant called a volumetric concrete mixer truck. Order your ready mixed concrete in the Hull surrounding areas today!

Our volumetric concrete mixer produces ready mixed concrete by proportioning out the materials by volume over dispatch time, and relating that volume back to the materials specific weight. These materials are then dispensed into a mixing auger where they are completely mixed together and all the cement is able to come in contact with water to begin hydration. The materials are added into the mixing auger as if it were in handfuls at a time so the there is more than enough energy in the mix auger to ensure a complete and uniform mix. By the time it comes out of the discharge end of the auger, which is typically only about 5-10 seconds, the concrete is ready for installation.

The truck has the ability to produce concrete with real time mixing, to your exact requirements in; strength, consistency and measure. No over-ordering, no under-ordering, no wastage, and reduced carbon emissions.

Both a concrete plant with ready-mix drum trucks and volumetric concrete mixers produce quality concrete. However, there are some distinct advantages to choosing a volumetric mixer.

  • You only pay for exactly what you need: Because our Volumetric Concrete Mixer is in essence a mobile concrete batching plant, if you needs a little more or a little less than originally thought, it is not a problem because production stops when the job is done! With Ready-mix drum trucks you have to make an accurate estimate of the quantity needed because it is batched and water is added at the plant then delivered to the site.

  • Concrete is ALWAYS Fresh: With our Volumetric Concrete Mixer the concrete is made fresh every second it is being produced. With concrete from a drum truck the concrete coming out last is the oldest and may already be stiff.

  • Small quantities are not a problem: With our Volumetric Mixer we can produce as little as a quarter of a cubic meter of concrete, and then pack up and go to another job. With traditional drum trucks, this becomes almost impossible and very uneconomical. After a small load, the drum truck has to return to the plant to wash out and reload for the next job.

  • Multiple mixes in one visit: With our Volumetric Mixer we can do a variety of concrete mixes in one visit. For instance, perhaps a path had to be removed to get to some utilities. Our Volumetric Mixer could produce some fill concrete to cover the utilities and bring the height to underside of path slab height. Then the slab could be formed up and our Volumetric Mixer could produce the correct concrete for the path slab as well, without having to return to the job site.

  • Time is not a factor: With our Volumetric Mixer the problem of time does exist. Concrete delivered in a drum truck is exposed to water at the plant and is now perishable and the time to get it delivered and into position is less than 2 hours. With our Volumetric Mixer, even if we get stuck in traffic, we still deliver fresh concrete! Any delays on the job are minimised, therefore much less stressful.

  • Evenings and Weekends: To open a traditional batch plant after hours or on the weekends can cost thousands of pounds, and require a minimum quantity of concrete to be ordered. With our Volumetric Mixer anytime and any day is just like any other. We are available for bookings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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