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Gen 1 Concrete

GEN1 concrete (also known as C10), is a versatile, lightweight mix used by the construction industry for domestic and general non-structural applications.

GEN1 Applications

GEN1 / C10 concrete can be used for a range of applications as its a very flexible mix, these include:

  • Mass concrete foundations
  • Agricultural / drainage
  • Trench fill
  • Step foundations
  • Domestic concrete foundations & flooring - including walls, sheds and conservatories.
  • It can also be used for kerbing, cavity filling, strip footings, drainage fill, blinding and haunching.

Due to its fixed cement content it is generally recommended for use in applications such as strip footing foundations, drainage works and concrete oversite.

If you plan on carrying out these types of projects GEN1 could be an ideal mix but we recommend discussing the project with one of our experienced expert consultants before purchasing.

Important - GEN1 should not be used in external applications unless it is completely covered or encased.

Concrete Strength

28 Day Strength / 10N

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