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Pav 1 Concrete

PAV 1 concrete mix (also known as C30), is typically used in pavement construction and lighter outdoor applications.

PAV1 mixes offer increased protection from frost - particularly freeze-thaw action, thanks to a very efficient air-entrained admixture. Consequently, it can be used for outdoor paving, house driveways and domestic parking.

PAV1 Applications

PAV1 mixes are typically used for:

  • Domestic parking and driveways
  • External paving
  • Walkways and patios
  • Reinforced hard standings
  • Unreinforced hard standings
  • Reinforced workshop, shed & house extension bases
  • Unreinforced bases for workshops, sheds & housing extensions

Please note - PAV1 is not suitable for powerfloat finishing.

Concrete Strength

28 Day Strength / 30N

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